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Madhya Pradesh Audyogik Kendra Vikas Nigam (Indore) Limited
An Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
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Welcome to MPAKVN Indore

Madhya Pradesh Audyogik Kendra Vikas Nigam Ltd. was incorporated for the sole purpose of helping industies to grow and flourish at a faster pace. From improvement of infrastructure to formulation of industry friendly policies, the state government has always been supportive for development. It has always contributed in the growth of the country as a whole. With International gateway hubs, wide internet access throughout the state, attractive investor friendly policies and various e-governance initiatives, this heart of India, with a mind and vision for the future, MPAKVN is today a synonym to growth for our Madhya Pradesh.

Crystal IT Park

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Special Economic zone (SEZ)

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Mr. Manish Singh
Managing Director, MPAKVN(I)


I take this opportunity to thank our valued industrial units, whose continued patronage and confidence in our system inspires us to extend the best of services and enables us to provide value for their money. Our company’s vision is to attain global leadership by providing world class facilities to Industrial units.

It is my constant endeavor to offer best quality services to highest level of industrial unit satisfaction; through best infrastructural framework, promoting ancillary units to support medium and large scale industries, promoting clustered development of industrial area like SEZ, Readymade complex, Electronics complex, Namkeen cluster, Apparel Park, Pharma cluster & crystal IT Park.

I am proud to mention that AKVN has more than 2250 factories of all sectors in its industrial areas such as Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Readymade Garments, Steel Fabrication, Packing Material Industries, Cement and related products, Iron-Steel and Alloys even from general plastic items to detergent producing industries, with providing employment to more than 68000 persons.

Industrial development is one of the central aspects of our organizational culture. For this AKVN has 10 new upcoming industrial development parks in Indore division. At present AKVN (I) has in possession 511 hectare of developed and under developed land as land bank for our valued enterprenures.

At MPAKVN (I), Environmental concerns, safety and social responsibility is also important. I certainly understand my reasonability towards greener & safer planet. I will take all possible measures to contribute towards the cause from energy efficient manufacturing units, lush green campuses and raw material procuring which are least hazardous to the environment.

AKVN is marching towards our goal in this global competitive environment by religiously following the path of ethics, values, dedication, management excellence and enhanced social values.

At MPAKVN (I), I am committed to offer the best possible solutions for all Industrial development requirements.

  • Kheda
  • Pithampur – I, II, III
  • Nimrani – Food Processing Park (FPP), Industrial Infrastructure Development Centre (IIDC)
  • Meghnagar
  • Electronic Complex
  • Readymade Complex
  • Rangwasa
  • Sonvay Bheslai

National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project

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Trade and Investment Facilitation Corporation Ltd.

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Pithampur Auto Cluster Ltd.

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Unit Name & Address Product Name Director's Name Amount
(in lacs)
Exporter Countries
M/s Aglo Drugs & Industries Ltd. Pithampur Medicines Mr. Vijay Arvind Choudhary 17.45 Nepal, Uganda
M/s Commercial Sinbags Ltd. Pithampur SDPI/ PP Fabric bags & tarpolin Mr. K. K. Shastri 824.33 nka, Canada
M/s Crompton Greaves Ltd. Single Relay Unit Pithampur Electro-Magnetic relay for Railway Mr. Dev 256.66  
M/s DivyaJyoti Industries Ltd. Pithampur Soya oil & DOC Mr. Nimati 389.2  
M/s Eicher Motors Eicher Vehicles Mr. Subramannyam 801.56  
M/s Gujrat Ambuja Export Ltd. Pithampur Soya D-oiled Cock & oil Mr. Sharma 386.97  
M/s Hindustan Motors Ltd. Pithampur Engine, Transmission, Multi-Utility Vehicle Mr. Pradeep Jain 145.65 Srilanka, Bangladesh
M/s Hindustan phosphate Private Ltd. Dry Calcium-Phosphate, Tri Calcium-Phosphate, Animal Feed Mr. Ashok Badjatya 142.58  
M/s Indorama Textile Ltd. Pithampur Synthetic & Cotton blended Yarn Mr. Syaal 809.32  
M/s Indorama Textile Ltd. (Export Division) Pithampur Polyester, Cotton blended yarn Mr. Syaal 617.88  
M/s Kinetic Motors Company Ltd. Pithampur Two-wheelers & spare parts Mr. S. M. pillai 165.76  
M/s Lyyod Insulation Ltd. Pithampur Ceramic fibers & products Mr. Jain 2056.98 Kuwait, Iran
M/s Lyyod Insulation Ltd. Pitahmpur (Polyethene Division) Rigid Polyethene sandwich panel Mr. Kumar 10986.36 Austrailia, Nepal
M/s LnT Case Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur Joggle Backhose & Vibratory Compactors Mr. D. K. Narang 167.39 Nepal, Srilanka
M/s Maahle Sigma Ltd. Pithampur Camshaft & Value Tepet Mr. Batra 612.65  
M/s Maan Industries Ltd. (Saw Division) Pithampur C.S. Saw & Spiral Pipes Mr. Mantri 265.89  
M/s Maan Industries Ltd. (Division Aluminium) Pithampur Aluminium Profile Mr. Mantri 189.86  
M/s Manoj Surgicl Industries Industries Ltd. Pithampur Medical Disposable Siringe Mr. Arvind Gaure 65.66 Ghana, Jabia
M/s Metal-Man Industries Ltd. Pithampur C. R. Sheets Mr. Vijay Soni 548.18  
M/s Massusheeta Lakhanpal Battery India ltd. Pithampur Dry battery Cell Mr Amit Merah 287.86 Tanzania
M/s Medicaps Ltd. Pithampur Empty Hard gilletin Capsules Mr R. C. Mittal 346.78 Malasiya, Ghana, Viatnaam, Dubai
M/s Mittal Appliances Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur Aluminium product Mr. Modi 332.28  
M/s Nicholas Piramal India Ltd. Pithampur Medicines Mr. Anil Bhatt 1546.85  
M/s Parag Copygraph Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur Carbon less paper Mr. rajendra Jain 332.65  
M/s Pithampur Poly Product Ltd. Pithampur P.P. Jumbo Bags Mr. Ashok gupta 156.84  
M/s Pratibha SynthecsLtd. Pithampur Cotton yarn, fabric garments Mr. N. S. Nibarn 24351.33 Israel
M/s Rajratan Globeswire. Pithampur Tyre Beed Wire Mr. depesh tiwari 618.88  
M/s Raneka Industries Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur Railway parts Mr. Sunil Jain 287.87  
M/s Rit Spin Synthetic Ltd. Pithampur Synthetic Yarn Mr. M. K. Mishra 4158.87 Italy, Spain, Turkey
M/s shakti pumpLtd. Pithampur Submersible Pump Mr. mahesh Tiwari 368.85  
M/s Shivani detergent Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur Detergent Powder Mr. Suraj Bagani 387.74  
M/s shree preshtaniks Ltd. Pithampur Pace Maker Mr. Bhape 114.24  
M/s sony Bio Chem Extrsion Ltd. Pithampur Soya Products Mr. Girih Matlani 187.14  
M/s sincom Formulation India Ltd. Pithampur Medicines Mr. Kedar 287.47  
M/s Triveni Sintaug international Pithampur S.S. Wire & bright bulbs Mr. Hiralal Bhansali 33.25 South Africa
M/s Flazi tough International Ltd. Pithampur P. P. Woven Sack Mr. Mahesh Sharma 4125.14 U.S., Europe
M/s Bridge Stone India Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur Steel blete radial tyres & tubes Mr. Ajay Sevkaari 1148.74  
M/s pinnacle Industries pvt. Ltd. Pithampur Furniture Mr. Sudheer mehta 668  
M/s Parasram Puria international Pithampur Cotton man made yarn & blended Yarn Mr. K. K. sayaal 6784.23 Spain, U.S.A, Israel
M/s b.L.F. polymer Pvt. Ltd Pithampur Polymers Mr. Choudhary 114.14  
M/s Bulk pack Export Ltd. Pithampur P. P. Woven Sack Mr. Ashok gupta 98.74  
M/s Lakshmi pipe & Fittings, Pithampur Rigid P.V.C. Pipe, HDPE Pipe Mr. Vinod Palawat 87.22 Afganistan, Tanzania
M/s Flexitough International ltd. Pithampur P.P./HD JumboBags Mr. Manoj Dwivedi 80142.25  

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